Strange Child at Magnolia Park

Straight Up Ghosts


AUGUST 5, 2020

I was leaving the park and saw a young boy, 4-5 years old, sitting alone on the grass in the shade of a big tree with no accompaniment and no toys. Concerned, I asked him if his mom or dad were nearby. He did not acknowledge me though I was about 20 feet from him. I asked again, louder. He looked at me with absolutely no interest, not really looking into my eyes, and nodded his head once. I got chills. I looked about and there was no one anywhere nearby except a couple a few hundred feet off with a baby. So I asked again, “Are you sure? You’re okay? Are you sure?” He gave me a look I can only call contemptuous and, again, barely nodded yes. When I looked later at a selfie I had taken moments before with the tree he was under in the background, there is no one there.

Submitted by Louisa P.