Kennesaw Mountain Park

High Weirdness, Thin Places



At the time I was into more wicca flavored spirituality and I went here to spread out a blanket, brought crystals with me and a pendulum. I was holding a rutile quartz crystal in a drawstring bag with my pendulum, when I left I noticed the quartz was gone from the bag and I couldn’t find it in the surrounding grass even though I knew that it was in the bag when I sat down. During the same trip I picked up a small light pebble and took it home. I had horrible luck that week. My car broke down and the car I was using in its place got into an accident on the interstate. At some point I yelled that whatever was angry with me that I am sorry and to take whatever it wanted back (I know, I wouldn’t do this now…). The bad luck stopped and I haven’t found the pebble I picked up since.

Submitted by Sarah