Daintree Rainforest



JULY 29, 2009

When I lived back up in far North Queensland, i’d often spend time in the Daintree hiking and camping out (in the dry season), one of Queenslands rainforests. The place itself has lots of strange, known creatures, such as Cassowaries, however it seems to have some unknown ones too. One time when I was out hiking it was early evening and I began hearing howling/hooting sounds. I initially thought it may be feral dogs, although the sound didn’t match. After it seemed to get closer for a while I stopped to try see what it was. A few minutes later two small hai…ry creatures (3-4ft) crossed my path. They looked apeish, but not right. The Aboriginal peoples of Australia have stories of hairy creatures such as Yowies and I wonder if this is what I saw that evening.

Submitted by Bonnie