High Weirdness


NOVEMBER 1, 2005

It was a full moon and I was out with my friends during a weekend night. No one had started drinking yet, and we were walking to pick up some supplies from the Seven-Eleven. I hung back and chilled on a park bench just taking in the early autumn night breeze and full moon light. I decided to spend five minutes meditating and figured I’d catch up with my friends later. After meditating I set out to catch up with them, or just meet them back at the apartment. So, I went to walk toward the Seven-Eleven I thought they might still be in. You have to turn a blind corner when you do so. And, as I turned this corner, I was met with a pair of eyes. These eyes were already staring directly and intensely into mine when I turned the corner – as if they had already been seeing me through the wall. They belonged to a… man who was very tall. He was perhaps 6’5” (at least). His garb was all white and loose fitting. I remember it being extremely clean. As I met his gaze I stopped. He put his hands together and said, “You’re bright. You’re blessed.” And I awkwardly acknowledged him and just continued around the corner. I stopped after I rounded it, beginning to process the strange feeling that this encounter gave me. This process took no more than five seconds. So, I just thought I’d peak around the corner to see if he was still there. He was not.

Submitted by Michael C.