The Church in the Woods

Thin Places, Time Distortions, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


2008 (APPROX.)

As a child i would bike down to the beach a lot, usually with friends. As i got older, I’d go by myself further down the road, just to get out of the house and be alone. It was around this time that i started biking by The Church. It was old, dark, and almost completely hidden by the trees. But if I biked by at night, the windows would always be lit. One evening, i went out to bike, feeling angry and tired and frustrated, and i drove down the shore road. When i passed The Church, i could see the door was open and there was a figure standing there, completely silhouetted by the light coming from within. I felt almost compelled to enter. I remember getting off my bike, and starting to walk up. The rest is a blur. I don’t know if i entered The Church, but i feel like if i had, i wouldn’t be telling this story. I know i made it home before midnight, and I stopped biking down the shore road after that.

Last year (2019) i asked my mom about The Church. She doesn’t remember ever seeing it.

Submitted by Nicholas