Not the Renter

Straight Up Ghosts


MAY 2019

We purchased an old house in 2018 that we began slowly renovating while renting it out to a single, middle aged woman. Being fairly remote, and our renter living alone, she was fairly skittish, and it was often a hassle coordinating when contractors could come and get work done, as she was very suspicious of everyone. She seemed to need to be out of the house if anyone were to come and work on the house, and they needed to be gone by the time she returned.

We had a plumber coming and going over a few weeks, who received the brunt of this suspicion, and he ran into a few moments where we would schedule a time for him to work on the house, and had to cancel at the last minute as it wouldn’t work out for our renter to be gone.

One morning I woke up to a few texts from the plumber, he explained that he had shown up to start work as planned at 8am, and that when he tried to enter the house he heard our renter screaming at him. He took off, and was understandably upset. I immediately reached out to our renter and explained how we can’t scare off contractors when we have their start times planned in advance, and was honestly pretty irritated.

She responded confused, and explained that she had been at work by 7:30 that morning, and that there was no way she had been screaming at the plumber. When I told the plumber, and asked if he could go back over he said it would have to be another day, as he was pretty shook up. He wasn’t the kind of guy you would expect to be shook up by a lady yelling at him.

It wasn’t long after that my wife’s Aunt, who lives a few miles down the road, told us that locals had always considered the house to be haunted, but didn’t have any specific stories to share. We now live in the house ourselves, and thankfully haven’t experienced anything. Our next door neighbors explained that our house was a general store in the 1940’s when it was first built, and that at some point there was a fatal car crash in the ditch behind our house. When we wen’t to check it out, sure enough there was still a rusty old car frame, half sunk into the soil of the ditch. It looked like something out of a movie set. Very weird.

Submitted by “Shasta-Strange”