Luminescent Rainbow Stick Man

Cryptoids, High Weirdness


1992 (APPROX.)

So this happened when I was maybe 11 or so. I was walking to my friends house in the neighborhood. This particular friend lived a bit farther away than others, and I was kinda just zoned out. On a particular stretch of road that used to be a coquina/dirt road between two sets of paved roads, something caught my eye on the other side of road.

I looked over up and saw what I can only describe as a bright, rainbow, pixelated, stick man. If you think how you would have animated a walking stick man on Atari graphics of the 80’s, you’d have nailed it. Only it was literally every color of the rainbow.

Like most of us I suppose, we’ve all had our encounters with weirdness – I wasn’t necessarily afraid, but I was curious. I remember kinda reaching out to it mentally with a “hey, what’s up” and got the strong impression it saw me and was not the least bit interested in me. At that moment I heard a car approaching. As this entity was in the middle of the oncoming lane I thought “Ok, this is about to be interesting”, however when I looked away from the car and back at the rainbow stick man, it was gone.

Florida is a beautiful and magical place, but I still have no idea what happened that day.

Submitted by Chelle