Rehoboth UFO

Classic UFO


SUMMER, 1967

My UFO encounter occurred nearly 55years ago ( a period in which many UFOs sittings were reported In the Northeast in the late 60’s).

I was returning from a night course I was taking for my MBA DEGREE. It was around 9:30 PM As I neared my home in Seekonk, MA, The sky was dark & perfectly clear with no clouds, only distant dim stars. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a bright Light movement-at first I thought it was meteorite But it didn’t disappear, just changed it’s it position in the dark sky. While it’s movenment appears to be in feet in the sky, in actuality, it moved a great distance in the open night sky line. Intriiged, I followed the light.

The bright dot in the sky positioned itself in an area in which a large television tower was located on the Seekonk Rehoboth line. I thought it was likely a reference point to the circular light in the sky. The dome like light then moved in geometrical lines, instantly moving from one position to another. After moving from one position to another, the dome light disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

The 11:00 PM news did mention UFO sightings in Rhode Island & Massachusetts; however, officially the Military tried to explain the sightings as either nighttime jet maneuvers or weather ballons.

My only evidence of what I saw was actually what I saw!!! It made sense to me that UFOs would use telecommunication towers as focal points.

Submitted by “Kilgore Trout”