Driveway Bigfoot



APPROX. 1994/1995

At age 15, on Fewtown Road, my bus backed into my neighbor’s driveway to turn around, as it did every morning. It was just after school was back in session, and just before sunrise. As she (the bus driver) backed the bus in, right as she was putting it in gear to move forward, the headlights shone on what looked like a very tall, bulky man with some sort of neutral or brown hoody on. As we watched, the figure sank directly down, like the “person” had sank to his knees, and maybe even collapsed. The weeds in the field it was in were very high, and what we saw would have been from just above the waist, were it a person, but if it WAS a person, that would have made him about 7 feet tall.
The bus driver sat there for a minute with her mouth open. Then she made eye contact with me in the mirror and asked “Did you just see..”
And I finished with “Bigfoot, yeah, I think so.”

Submitted by E. Fountain