The Raise

Straight Up Ghosts, Strange Animals



I was feeding our cattle at 6pm and I was at a pretty far place from my house. I was riding my horse and my dog was following me. As I was checking the cows I saw some figure move in the distance (We have woods in our land). I checked the cows quickly, my dog started barking loud at the direction where I saw the figure. I told our ranch hands to be careful because we have a trespasser. A couple days later I went with a pistol and dog on horses back with one of our ranch hands. We saw the figure again and we started chasing it. All of a sudden we hear growling. We shot nine times at the area where it ran off. The dog started barking and then ran towards the woods. The next day my dog came back with scratches all over him. Me and my ranch hand went with rifles and pistols toward the woods we saw something running away from our general area. We chased it and it jumped on my back and started punching me. My ranch hand stabbed it with a 5 inch knife and it started running. There is something roaming the area and it is probably angry. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Submitted by Carlos