Come Back When You Can Stay Longer

Classic UFO, Cryptoids, High Weirdness



This happened around January 2018. I was upstairs on my bed Watching TV (Wheel of Fortune) around 7:15 pm. I got the feeling to look up and witnessed something (Human Shape-Bipedal) walk by the TV. I could see right through it but it was blurry [and] it headed toward the door on my left (I said “come back when you can stay longer”). (Have not seen it again).

About a month later while starring up at the Night Sky probably about 9:35 p.m., I saw something bouncing around the sky. Then about a month later I awoke around 2:00 a.m. and saw to my right, about 4 FT away, stood a “something”– it was about 5-6 ft tall yellow/tan skin (there was moonlight coming in striking it threw the curtain.) I pinched myself and rubbed my eyes– I was awake, I heard a voice telling me to get as angry as I can I stated “go away” (my wife beside me was asleep /snoring). After staring at each other for about 45 seconds I must have fallen in a deep sleep, because I awoke the next morning. Around the later part of March same year, my wife and I were traveling a back road (To my friends) after coming around a corner to a straight away we both saw only the side of a tall black hairy thing, we saw from the side closest to the back its hair shone in the sunlight when passing by where it went we didn’t see it. Where I live is basically wooded area, only 700 people live in my town.

Submitted by Mr. Curtis