Sarto Retreat Center

Straight Up Ghosts


APRIL 27, 2020

So it was around 9:15 last night and I was just sitting at a desk facing the entrance of the Sarto Retreat Center off N Kentucky. It’s a self isolation center for homeless people with covid-19 right now, but there is only one patient.

I was there with one other volunteer and there was an off duty officer down the drive a bit.

I was sitting reading study material and all the sudden had chills/tingle run up my spine and I looked up out the window and it looked like a man was standing right outside the doors. I actually gasped because it startled me and the figure disappeared. I got up from my seat and went to the door, still unsure of what had just taken place. The feeling I had lingered for a few minutes, but finally dissipated.

The person was definitely male and wearing sort of tattered clothing, but not someone I recognized.

Submitted on behalf of Tasha V. by Liminal Ambassador Holly Smith