Faery Battleground

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Mythologies, Thin Places, Time Distortions


APRIL 1, 2020

We moved to our house about a year ago and from the first night we have had strange occurance. It started with loud footsteps we could hear from downstairs when no one was home upstairs. Gradually it got a lot more active when we put our security cameras around the house. We started to notice these dancing balls of light in the front yard and grenade like light balls that shoot through the backyard. The first day we saw the lights one flew through my right hand and this intense vibration overwhelmed me and I have since developed the ability to draw very well. The supernatural occurances have gotten much more intense over the past month or so. I am a research fanatic and have been reading about the mythology and folklore associated with each sighting and have since gotten very spiritual myself in the process. I bought these stones online and they came with a pendulum neckalace, now me being a newbie to all of this had no idea what a pendulum was until the day I tried to wear it and it was ripped off my neck by snagging on a chair in my bedroom, I felt the clasp break and heard it hit the floor … But I couldn’t find it anywhere. About half hour later I was sitting in my office when the power flickered and when we flipped the breaker to turn the lights back on there was my pendulum laid out beautifully and still clasped across my husband’s laptop that was sitting on a chair. I felt that it was being delivered to me and I needed to wear it so I reclasped it on and it kept falling off the remainder of the day I would find it laying on the ground next to me… But the clasp of the chain always remained clasped but it still somehow fell off. I figured it was trying to get my attention so I searched online for what this “necklace” was and that’s when I found out about pendulum dowsing and how to communicate with the spirit world through the pendulum. Through communicating with the pendulum I have discovered we are living in the middle of a faery Battleground. The front yard where we see the dancing spheres of light are the Faery Light (and whom I have been in communication with) and I believe their actual home is Arvon Park (the abandoned park in West Bremerton that is mentioned in another post) my home is the portal the what we call the “bad faeries” I believe they are fire faery. There has been a few other odd occurances I will list them below in no specific order:
1. My son is afraid of the bathroom because he says the tall scary man (looks similar to the scream mask he says) can see through the window. A friend of mine has witnessed this same creature who he says is extremely tall and white mask like face but fat unlike the scream guy, and his daughter ( who has never met my son has also seen this creature in her bedroom, possibly followed my friend home?) A few other friends have witnessed similar creatures and they have been described to me like “giant punk rockers waiting for a concert” and they apparently stand at the edge of my property….
3. I believe another friend of mine may possibly be a vampire and has been feeding off the Faery blood to gain extra powers ..
I have video footage and pictures and multiple eye witness accounts … Because honestly even with all the evidence I’m still skeptical that maybe I’ve just lost my mind or I’ve entered the twilight zone in Bremerton.

Submitted by Jesse