Abandoned Asylum

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


APRIL 30, 2020

So this is a place that was a mental hospital for women I believe. Opened in 1961 “ Dammasch” named after the doctor who has had multiple lawsuits for abuse to patients. It was destroyed in 1995 because of some feud with the owners and multiple lawsuits. It had remained open land until a suburb was planned to be built on top, and it is there to this day. Now here’s were things get creepy. As you walk around the streets at night, you can here yells, chains, screams, crying, we had a report of a young girl going into the small forest area and just standing there looking into the entrance and not saying anything to her parents. Street lights will constantly turn off as you get near which I hate because I walk my dog at midnight every night and it happens everytime, multiple complaints have been made but PGE said the lights are brand new and in perfect condition, now this could be a fuse yes but it could also very well be the result of some paranormal activity due to the torture patients were put through during the asylums being. We have had reports of people seeing women and men in hospital gowns wondering the streets aimlessly at night and multiple reports of people hearing whispers very clearly asking “go back” repeatedly, along with, “no” “stop please” “go away” “I see you”. This isn’t just people living together too, most of these are reports from Single bedroom homes and apartments. There was tunnels that also were constructed with the hospital to transport patients under ground, now about 95% of the tunnels are gone but there is still a few exposed entrances that lead into very very small parts of these collapsed tunnels. I hate it here, it’s creepy, there was also an unexplained fire last year around this time that burnt down a whole apartment complex and there is 0 leads to this day so they blamed it on arson. Creepy stuff here, I’ve had enough and am planning on moving out soon.

Submitted by Spencer D.