Voice in the Desert

Straight Up Ghosts


APRIL 3, 2020

I had pulled my car off one afternoon to take photos of the ocotillo blooms. While trying to look up a flower on my phone I could hear what I thought was someone in the yard across the road. Suddenly I felt every single hair on my body stand up as I heard someone clearly say “behind you” right next to my ear. I screamed absolute bloody murder thinking I was about to be kidnapped, the screaming continued once I realized I was utterly alone with no place for some one to hide (it is the desert, after all) and ran into my car and drove off in a panic. I am not sure where the precise location i pulled off was, but it was on Borrego Springs Rd, not too far from the town right as you start heading into undeveloped desert. I do remember there was a for sale sign on the empty lot of land and a house across the st and another farther back in the land on the side toward town.

Submitted by Nina A