Green UFO

Classic UFO


MARCH 20, 2019

I was driving to portland with a friend on a particularly celestially significant evening, a super moon bright in the sky and on the spring equinox. It was sometime around 10 pm, we had just hit the TacoBell in Centralia for crunchwraps and were making the final stretch to p-town when we both saw something flare up in the sky. A bright green ball of ??something?? soared from the middle of the sky left to right and then dipped into the tree line on the side of I-5. We kept our eyes peeled for signs of a crash, smoke, green fire, etc. the rest of the way through Kalama but alas, we didn’t see anything. At the time, I did some research and thought maybe it was some sort of meteor, so I reported it as such, but didn’t see any other reports or news to confirm. Sadly I don’t know the exact location either.. some things just remain a mystery.

Submitted by mal