Curious Deer Visitation

Mythologies, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


NOVEMBER 1, 2019

I was deep into scorpio season, having wild dreams left and right and being continually visited by a neighborhood owl. It was sometime around halloween as I had just watched the Craft and was very paranoid that I myself had evoked some sort of entity. I was walking a friend home from a disappointing halloween party outing and found their yard had 2-3 big deer in it. This isn’t that strange though, in Bellingham the deer are everywhere. I remember one of them as a very large buck. That night though, I have a dream of being approached by said buck while squatted in a garden. This dream-deer wouldn’t stop slowly getting closer and closer, until the only way I could keep him at arms length was by grabbing hold of one of his antlers. I woke up confused as to why I saw this deer as a threat. Couple of days later Im walking home from school and BAM I see in a bio-swell off of a fairly well trafficked road, a dead buck, as if it had just keeled over while eating , no impact wounds or anything. Pretty freaked out I call up a witchy friend of mine who recommends yarrow for protection. The very next day , while getting ready for school I look into my back yard and guess who’s looking back at me? A one-antlered buck. Never quite figured what all this meant.

Submitted by mal

(Ed. A visit from The Vernow, perhaps?)