“Ahuiateteo, Help Us Please”

Mythologies, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


MAY 5, 2018

When my wife was in college, she sculpted this sitting skeleton statue with like a pope hat, a mitre, this thing is like a foot and a half high.

So, my wife is bipolar and she’s on all sorts of meds and she has this sleep problem, where she can just sleep all day long, sometimes. Like deep DEEEEEEP sleep. She has this whole separate like dream life, she’ll laugh in her sleep, and talk and mumble and stuff. Sometimes like MMA fighting or swimming, heh-heh-heh. I however am an insomniac, and when I do sleep, it is a very light, easily interrupted sleep.

One night I’m sleeping and suddenly I wake up, middle of the night, it was pitch black… my CPAP machine humming in the background. And next to me lying totally still, I hear this chanting. “Ahuiateteo… help us please- Ahuiateteo… help me please.” My wife was chanting in the dark, she was praying to some unknown god in her sleep. I sit upright and focus so I could try to figure out what she was saying.

“Ahuiateteo … help us please. Ahuiateteo … help me please. Ahuiateteo … help us please. Ahuiateteo … help me please.”

She went on like for a while and eventually went silent. I laid there wondering about the situation until I zonked back out.

Well of course, I told her about it in the morning and she was freaked out. Understandably so. So that night, she collected up a bunch of books and started going through them with a note pad, going through and trying to sort out the spelling and stuff.

And there she found it. Ahuiateteo, was an Aztec god of death and excessive behavior with five spirits. And right next to the description of the god, was a picture of a statue of a seated Skeleton with a pope hat.

Submitted by Jon T/The Abracast