Spirit Communication

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



When I was in seventh and eighth grade I started to have communication from spirits. I was home alone alot and we lived on base at Hickam. Those buildings were old. There were days when i was home alone I would hear our cupboards slamming shut and our curtains moving. But I would walk into the kitchen and nothing would be amiss. There were several nights I would be done with my shower and written on the mirror from the steam would be “hello” “hi” “look”. Whenever I tried to show my parents they said they didn’t see anything. Eventually I got so scared I would never look in the mirror until the steam had dissipated.

Every once in awhile I would go to my dad to his work when he needed to grab items or run some tools around. He worked in one of the buildings that was around for world war II and still had the bullet holes all over the walls. I hated going there because I felt like I was always being watched. One time he left me in his office while he ran to another part of the building for something. I was doing my homework when the lights started flickering. I went and flicked the switch on and off and it stopped so I sat back down. My back was towards the door and all of a sudden I hear footsteps. There’s this guy in his 30’s maybe staring at me, smiles, and walks away. My dad walks in about a min later and I ask him who the guy was and he claims its no one he has ever heard of and doesn’t match the description of any of his coworkers.

Submitted by T Franks