Iowa UFOs

Classic UFO


EARLY 2000’s; AUGUST, 2016-2017


My husband, my dad, my nephew and myself were lying on the ground watching meteor showers. My sister, her 2 other kids and my mom had gone back to the house for snacks. We were watching the sky above my sisters house (northern sky) when there was a bright flash like something was bursting through our atmosphere and it kept getting bigger. All of the sudden a small UFO came out of this bright flash and started moving east. It slowly gained speed and was out of sight in less than 3 minutes. We watch meteor showers all of the time, so we all know this wasn’t a meteor. I couldn’t stop thinking about it to the point I had to draw out what we saw to get it out of my head. We have seen several UFOs over our little towns here in iowa. There was one in high school (early 2000s) that was by my parents house and my friends and I were out on the deck. The object was moving from east to west when it slowed to just above us and we had a flashlight with us and when I shown the flashlight at the object it zoomed out of there so damn fast. It was the creepiest thing.

Submitted by Lacey