Pullman Night Terror

Straight Up Ghosts



In 1994 I was sleeping in the basement of the house at… Blaine st. In Pullman WA. The house is probably over 100 years old. The basement was like a root cellar almost. But I was poor WSU student . One night I woke up. Something grey was straddling me and was slowly moving the pillow over my face. Slow in a didn’t want to wake me way. It felt evil. I called out to “jesus please save me” . Fell back asleep and slept thru till morning. That in itself is weird because even then I’d pee 3 times a night. I didn’t drink and really wasn’t religious at all. If you look at the map there is a 140 year old cemetery to the NE and another newer one within a few blocks. Both were on my morning run route. The older one from mid 1860 was not kept up and degrading fast. I can still feel the sensation and I know it wasn’t a dream.

Submitted by Josh L.