Nine Men’s Misery

High Weirdness


FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Nine Men’s Misery is located within the grounds of the Cumberland Library, formerly Cumberland Monastery. The graves of nine men, colonists, tortured and killed during King Phillips War. People visiting the site report hearing odd screams or cries, horses galloping and the voice of a young girl. The graves themselves were exhumed a few times from medical students. Some believe that is why the strangeness started happening.
You can’t help but fell the weight of the tragedies that took place there. On my first visit I was doing a short video and in the middle I heard Native Americans drums. I was able to catch it on my video.
Second visit my spirit box was telling me almost an entire story of what may have happened there.
If you head out there you will probably feel something when you approach the grave, with all that took place how could you not…

Submitted by Sasysquatchgirl