The Strange Case(s) of Victor Goddard (Historical Account)

Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions


1935 (APPROX.)

(Location Approximate)

(Location Approximate)

British Royal Air Force Marshal Sir Victor Goddard was involved in not but two strange cases. In 1935 whilst piloting an aircraft to England from Scotland he passed over what was , at the time, a disused airfield that had been used by the Royal Flying Corps in WW1. To his amazement the airfield was not only operational, it was apparently home to British aircraft sporting a yellow paint job and the aircrew were dressed in blue rather than, the then standard khaki .It was only later that the RAF both painted its trainers in yellow and adopted the now standard blue uniforms. Goddard had also featured in one of the most famous “Ghost Photographs” taken in WW1. Goddard is present in the photo that apparently also shows one Freddie Jackson who has been killed some days before the photo was taken after walking into a spinning prop [Click for more details – external link].

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