Physical Medium

High Weirdness


1973-1974 (APPROX.)

As a teenager I was already fascinated by “Forteana” and a friend mine, who was member of the local Spiritualist Church, invited me to a small and rather exclusive meeting where a “Physical Medium” would give a demonstration of their abilities. The “spiritual medium” was woman in her 60s and the demonstration involved the lights being dimmed and the medium on stage lit by nothing more than a red bulb under their face. In short, the only thing w=one could clearly see was the medium’s face underlit by said red bulb.

I have to say, in my years, i have never seen something quite like that I saw that evening. At one point the medium’s face quite clearly changed to that of truly ancient looking… gentleman’s replete with about 4-5 days heavy stubble. Given that, the medium’s sole prop was single red bulb I have to say, this was one experience of mediumship I am still at a loss to truly explain the whys and wherefores. Everyone present, clearly witnessed this medium’s face change out of all recognition to that of the old… male’s replete with heavy dark stubble. If it was some sort of “trick” then it was superbly done and involved no other “props” than the single red bulb. I decided to share this experience after listening to a talk the sadly now passed, Micheal Bentine gave that is available on YouTube , where he speaks of similar medium he knew himself.

Submitted by StarDoG