Vision of a Strange Man (Historical Account)

Dark Forces, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


1068 A.D. (APPROX.)

“While I was staying at the monastery of St Léger at Champtoceaux, just before matins one night a shrivelled little man of frightening appearance approached me from the far end of my bed. As far as I could tell, he was of medium size with a thin neck, a gaunt visage, eyes of the deepest black, with the upper part of his face furrowed and lined. His nose was pinched, his mouth was broad and his lips were slack. His beard was like that of a goat, spreading over a sharp chin, and his ears were hairy and pointed. His hair stood on end in a confused mass, and his teeth resembled those of a dog. He had a narrow head, an inflated chest, his back was hunched over and his thighs were quivering. He was dressed in filthy clothes, and his whole frame shook. Leaning forward, he grasped the bedhead and struck it sharply, saying: ‘You will not stay in this place any longer. I started awake in terror, and the apparition I have described remained with me, which often happens when we wake up suddenly. Grinding his teeth, he said again and again: ‘You will not stay in this place any longer.’ I jumped out of my bed and ran towards the monastery, prostrating myself in front of the altar of the blessed father Benedict. There I lay for a long while in great terror, attempting to recollect the grave sins which I had heedlessly committed since the days of my childhood.”

Rodolfus Glaber (Submitted by Khoops, Liminal Ambassador)