The Old House

High Weirdness, Time Distortions




A few friends, who were interested in the paranormal (and myself) were having an “occult party”. This was sometime in the fall in N. Miami, FL. In attendance, there were a couple Wiccans, a member of the O.T.O., a few occult researchers and a teacher of occult themes. We started out this nighttime exploration with the Ouija, complemented with candle magic and a few invoking spells. The room became filled with shifting shadows and the Ouija gave cryptic responses to questions concerning entities. The air in the room became more dense and cool. (Air conditioning was off.) There were a few raps and taps here and there. With only four candles burning at this point in the darkened room, the shadow of a robed figure gradually appeared upon the main living room wall. A pen rolled off of the table and we took that to be an indication to perform an Automatic Writing session. One member of our team, who had previous experience in such techniques, decided to attempt a session. During this brief session, the shadow on the wall flickered and waned and one of the candles went out. The result of the Automatic Writing session contained a language that was unknown to us and we never identified said language, if indeed it was actually a language. When we looked at the clock, some of us were surprised to find that approximately an extra 45 minutes had passed. At this point, we all felt exhausted and decided to spend the rest of the evening simply discussing the events. The page of the cryptic language later vanished from the home of one Mr. Mansfield before that particular mystery could be solved.

Submitted by Mark Obscura