A Reincarnation Story

High Weirdness, Time Distortions, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


1904 – 2000’s

I am not sure where to start with this story, so I will start with the birth of the first person in relation to the reincarnation. In 1904, a girl was born into our family line, we will use her initials of G.N. for privacy. She was the daughter of my Great-Great-Grandmother, who had nine children total and G.N. was her third child. She was born with a medical issue, the family later learned was related to her thyroid gland and they believed she may have been born without it. She was short in stature, her glands grew larger than her bones could truly sustain, and she was intellectually disabled. All of the family stories about her were that she absolutely loved being around children and always was generally happy. The family did have access to some medications but were not able to sustain the amount of medical help that G.N. needed to live. She died of natural causes at the age of 32.

The reincarnated:
This story is personal because it is about myself. I was born in the ’80s and was not expected to survive. Born with a nine beat-per-minute heart rate and almost three weeks late with no successful labor induction, I was expected to be still-born. There were many blood tests done at birth to understand what was wrong, however, it took weeks for results to come back. We lived in a very small town in Oregon, my mother was sent home with me and told I may not survive. Within two weeks of birth, while sitting in the doctor’s office, the call came in that the blood tests were off the charts and it was believed that I was born without a thyroid gland. The medication was started immediately, however, my mother was warned that I may be intellectually disabled as I got older.

Years went by without much trouble, however my language developed at a slower rate than others. So by three years old, I was not speaking fluently or with much understanding of others around me. Yet, at three years old I went up to my mom and started telling her about my “old life” as I called it. Very clearly I told her that we were once sisters in my old life. And then I vividly described our family standing on a dirt road by the farm and we were all together. I apparently told her this a few times that year and it stuck in her memories.

Fast forward to around the early 2000s, when my mom and her siblings decided to do look into our family history and do genealogy work. As they worked, my mother came across her Great Grandmother’s family line and was able to obtain several photos from other family members. She saw a photo that shocked her. There was the family, standing on a dirt road in front of their barn on the family farm. In that line of family members was G.N. She asked the other member who owned the photos what was wrong with the woman in the photo, as there was obviously something going on she could see. They let her know that they believed she was born without a thyroid gland, leading to several other medical issues. My mom was floored by the information and remembered what I told her when I was just three years old.

As she learned more about this woman, she saw similar personality traits in me. I always think of G.N., I do feel sometimes I am giving her a second chance at life. Things she never got to do, like be a mother, or things she never could do, like travel. I do not know if I am an empath and very sensitive to the spirit world because of her, but I do like to think that is the reason.

Submitted by Alisha L., Liminal Ambassador