Northwoods Dogman

Cryptoids, Strange Animals




My husband and I live in a very rural area, our property backs up into a vast expanse of pine and birch trees and it isn’t uncommon to see moose, deer, bears, foxes, and even wolves if you go wandering around the woods. The animals are usually very chill and will leave you alone if you leave them alone (with the exception of moose during a mate season, then you wanna move ASAP). Point being, it is very normal and usual for us to find tracks, scat, tree scarring, and all the normal signs of animal activity. We are familiar with the woods and all the animals that call it home, along with their various noises.

One evening back in 2012 we were taking a walk along a common ATV trail in the woods, looking for neat stones and birch branches that had been shed, when we caught this shadow from the corner of our eyes. I joked that maybe it was bigfoot but my husband was concerned it could possibly be a bear, since it was close to hibernation.

It moved a little closer and I could tell it wasn’t a bear (or bigfoot lol!) but what looked like a big, shaggy wolf with dark brown fur all over it’s body. The part that didn’t register at first was that it appeared to be standing on its hind legs like a person, and looking around.

We had no idea what this was, wolves don’t normally stand like that, and while bears can certainly rear up, this wasn’t a black or brown bear.

Rather than investigate, we slowly backed up and backtracked our way through the woods back to our house.

I’m still not entirely certain what I saw, but I’m pretty sure whatever it was saw us and I’m glad it didn’t seem too interested.

Submitted by Ashli