Hidalgo Theater

Straight Up Ghosts



Colima is a small city located in the western area of Mexico, 30 minutes from the pacific ocean and 30 minutes from the Volcano Of Colima, a place I will talk about in future posts due to its High Strangeness and Thin Places, and all around strangeness.
Anyway–this story is about the Teatro Hidalgo, or Hidalgo Theatre. Built in the late 1800´s and early 1900´s, it is a place that has seen its share of deaths, accidents, wars, and pestilence. It´s only natural that ghosts would abide here.
My story takes place are 1996. I was working for the Department of Arts and Culture and was planning a film event in this theatre. So, one evening I decided to stop by and do some planning with the people in charge of the theatre, who were normally there during the evening hours. The side door ( that leads onto the stage) was open, so I went in. Once on the stage ( curtains were open) I called out to the people in charge by name. Nothing. I looked up at the sound booth and thought I could see someone/something moving up there so I called out again. Nada. Suddenly, to the right, I hear voices and even some laughter coming from the dressing rooms ( the dressing rooms were on a sort of narrow second floor adjacent to the stage). So, not thinking anything weird was going on, I made my way there. As I came closer I could still hear several voice behind the door. When I opened the door, the voice stopped suddenly. The small room is full of mirrors and costumes and the likes and nothing else. I started to suddenly feel like I was being watched by something not quite nice. My heart began to race and I quickly stepped out and closed the door. As I did, I began to hear voices behind another door, on the other side of the stage. I thought–get a grip on yourself, sounds bounce, especially in a theatre. So, I went to the other door, and as I arrived I heard the voice louder, I opende the door and agian, silence. Inside it was sort of dark, and there was nothing there but a piano. Ok, I thought, this is not good. Again, I stood in the middle of the stage and called out. This time I heard laughter coming from the box seats. I ran like the wind out of there! BUT it´s not over. I had to return later that evening to talk to someone ( anyone by then) so I returned about 7pm. Again I went up to the stage area, and while there, I saw an old man dressed in a janitor´s outfit come towards me. At first he seemed reluctant, he wouldn´t really look at me ( I was ready to run out of there again!). He finally came close and slowly placed his hand on my shoulder and even gave me a little squeeze, and he said to me–oh, you´re for real. I wasn´t sure if you were really human or not, sorry. You see, about this time of the evening a young lady walks across the stage wearing a long skirt, like you are now, but she´s not real. I tried to touch her once and she disappeared. I was pretty much eager to get the heck out of there before she showed up, but at the same time I was happy to know that I wasn´t crazy and what had happened earlier was not my imagination. I lived in Colima for about 20 years and I´ve got pleanty of stories to tell. This is definitly a Thin Place!

Submitted by Claudia CV