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The city and state of Colima are definitely places of high weirdness and I think that many parts of the city and the state can be considered Thin Places due to the number of stories that abound here. Some say that it is due to the proximity of the volcanoes ( The Snow volcano–dormant and the Fire volcano–still active). Some say that there are strong energetic areas both in the city and up towards the volcano, where strange energies can be felt and sometimes even seen in action. The state of Colima has stories ranging from Ghosts to UFOs to time distortions to witchcraft, to energy vectors, you name it! It is a place where the ocean, volcanoes and small forgotten towns meet. Until the early 1900s, Colima was pretty much isolated from the rest of the country because of the rugged terrain that surrounded it ( mountains, volcanoes, cliffs, etc) but was constantly visited by Europeans and Asians that arrived on its shores by way of the pacific ocean. The indigenous communities that lived around the volcano were pretty much left alone until almost the end of the conquest of Mexico. Colima is a very fertile land, and to this day there are many areas that are thick with forest and jungle-like canopy. Despite being the smallest state in Mexico, there is much to explore. Such exuberance gives the place much earth and plant energy. Everything is alive.

This story is a bit of a mix because I was witness to so many different things that happened in one small square of the city. I am talking about the campus in which the House of Culture and Cultural Center are located. This campus is made up of a library, a theatre, the main office building, a parking lot, an outdoor amphitheater and a 5 story building where the arts and crafts workshops are offered. There is also a small theatre ( for monologues) and some dance and music rooms /classes. At the very top of the building is a local TV channel. Already, the fact that the channel is there –with its huge antennas, might be a reason as to why so many things happen in that building alone. Another interesting fact is that the campus is situated right in front of a military zone– a place where high ranking military live and work and teach and practice etc… ( could this be another reason?) Another interesting to note is that –not surprising–both these places were built upon an area of land that at some point ( very back in time) was part of a cemetery. ( That’s another interesting thing to note about the city–the cemetery was actually moved several times). And top it off, they are situated on a long avenue that was once the entrance to the city. This avenue is decorated with huge trees on either side of the street ( These trees are more than 100 years old ). It is historically known that these trees were used as hanging trees during the revolution and the cristero war, meaning that many people were hung from these trees. It is a well know story, told by many of the soldiers that live in the military zone, that on rainy nights, they have seen the bodies of the hanged, swaying from the trees.
(Another thing I forgot to mention is that the city was built around, and upon many rivers and streams. Some are still visible today, other water ways are buried under the city buildings.)
Rumor had it that this building, where the TV channel was located, was home to some sort of creature that by description might be a dwarf and elf or something to that nature. One of the night watchmen would tell us stories about how this little creature ( about the size of a 5 year old child) would wait until all lights were off and then would make its way from the very top of the building to the very bottom of the building, making sure not to be seen, sneaking his way down. The guard would tell us about how he too would hide on a corner of the building and would watch as the little guy went up and down 2 or 3 times in one night. We didn’t really believe the story until one evening when my husband had an event in one of the classrooms. He was busy working the lights and such for the event, and while he was busy, he noticed a child walking among the small crowd of people. He found it odd that this child was alone, and was dress as if he were Santa’s helper. After a while, the “child” apparently disappeared.
( I mentioned the thing about the rivers and streams because, in Colima, it is said that these little people are attracted to water and are usually found near the rivers and streams around the city.)
In that same building, there were stories about the bathroom on the lower floor ( the elf´s house?) being haunted. The doors to the stalls would open and close on their own. Toilets would flush on their own, sinks would fill with water, etc… I went to those bathrooms just once in the 12 years that I worked there, and never went back! As soon as I stepped in, I felt I was not alone. My hair stood up and I could feel a presence almost breathing on me. I peed with the door wide open and left as quickly as I could. Right in front of that bathroom is a dance room where dancers give class and practice. I took a class once in that room ( yoga) and during the entire class, I felt a creepy sensation and was scared to look at myself in the mirror for fear of seeing something else there. I lost an earring in that room and despite the room being empty, and the floor made of wood, I never found the earring.
There was also a story about a creature that resembled a wild boar. This creature was seen, felt or heard by 3 of the night guards on different occasions and in different ways, but they all agreed that it was the same creature. It was seen in the small theatre, where the guard usually had their midnight snooze. One of the most vivid stories that I heard from one of the guards was that one night, while he slept on a couch in that theatre, he began to feel like he was short of breath and that his chest was caving in. As he woke up, he felt as if a pair of claws dig into his sides. He opened his eyes to find the pig sitting on his chest, his eyes glowing red. He wrestled with the creature until he was able to throw it off of him and he watched as it turned into a dark shadow and hit itself behind a drywall.
On a sad note, one of the security guards, a friend of mine, and the man that shared most of the stories with me, passed away inside that theatre. It seemed he had a stroke and didnt make it to the door. He was found dead, his body blocking the door. I often wonder if it was the boar that got it, or maybe the elf. Or something more sinister.
Finally, these last stories took place, not in the previous building but in the main building where the offices are. There is also a bigger theatre there that seats 800 people. In this building, people have seen a little girl roaming around the stage and backstage area. She seems to be dressed in early 1900´s clothing.
The bathrooms in that theatre are pretty creepy too. I once heard footsteps in those bathrooms but there was no one in there but me.
The guys in charge of lighting and sound and backstage stuff are usually there till late night, long after events are over. Once, they decided to have a little fun ( so to speak ) and tried doing some evps. They caught one that was really creepy–you can clearly hear a voice whisper –todos estamos muertos-which in spanish means, we´re all dead.
Thats not all I have to say about Colima… stay tuned.

Submitted by Claudia CV