Guadalupe Ruins

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OCTOBER 1, 2015

A beautiful but very remote outpost at the farthest edge of the Chaco Canyon Outlier settlements. This small settlement is on top of a very high mesa, but not the tallest. Cabezon Peak, to the north is the tallest. However, archaeologists and anthropologists claim this settlement was used as a “Watch Overlook” ….

We visited this location during a weekday when no other folks were (originally) within 20 miles of this section of the wilderness study area. Standing at the top of the Mesa, you can see Arizona, Colorado, and the Sandia Mountains to the far, far east. It was while standing here and admiring the view, we heard calls. Like signal calls, along with some brief drums and a horn. They were carried on the wind, and would die down to sub-audible levels when the wind slacked. We looked in every direction for the source. The most we could see (because visibility is sooo awesome in New Mexico) was a truck about 15 miles away approaching our direction. I used my zoom lens and saw they had their windows up and in order for us to hear any “music” from that truck their eardrums would have had to bleed.

We heard the music again and Greg noticed I was starting to walk away as though I was trying to hear the calls/cries and noises better. I don’t remember this at all. All I remember is Greg grabbing my arm because I was about a foot away from dropping right off the mesa, and about 3 feet away from a rattlesnake under a rock.

later, I attended a talk about the Chacoan culture, and learned about Outlier/Scout locations, where a scout or guard would make a signal cry or scouting cry, and I can say that’s what I may have heard.

Submitted by Omi S/CreepGeeks Podcast, Liminal Ambassador