Abuela’s House

Straight Up Ghosts



When I was young my grandpa was holding on to a very old statue that was at least 100 years old of the Virgin Mary. My cousin and I were rough housing and I accidentally knocked her hand off. We calmed down placed it back then went to bed on some air mattresses that were right next to it (it was the holidays and my grandmas place was full of ppl). I remember waking up in the middle of the night and having a sudden urge to hide under the covers. I remember suddenly feeling someone sit down next to me on the air mattress, I felt the mattress sink down too which freaked me out more. I tried to close my eyes but they refused or when I did I just kept seeing the ghost from LOTR over and over again. Eventually I hear a loud sigh and whatever was sitting on the mattress got up. I waited like 10 min (felt like years) until I got up and ran without looking to my parents room to sleep there. This house has had plenty stories where doors closed by themselves and my grandma has also seen a man in white walking around by the yard. It had to be one of the scariest moments in my life so far. And I always think back to it. Like what would I have seen if I opened my eyes and looked from under the covers?

Submitted by Gaby