A ‘Bit Otherworldly’ Cat

High Weirdness, Strange Animals, Time Distortions


MAY 2017

I live with a roommate in her 1920’s bungalow with her cat and another roommate. At the time this happened we were without a third roommate. I was in the kitchen and she was looking out at the lovely Cottage style garden she had worked hard to create over the years. She suddenly said, ‘Hey, look at that cat, it looks just like Queenie’. I ran over to look and sure enough, it looked just like her the markings were identical. We started asking ‘Where is she? Did she get out’? Since neither of us had gone out we knew it couldn’t be her. All the time the cat was sitting in the yard, with the same blank stare Queenie will get when she is bored or half asleep. The cat noticed us looking at it, and sidled off sideways and disappeared into the bushes. As my roommate walked away, I saw something that startled me. The cat had the same deformity at the end of its tail as Queenie did. And a minute later Queenie came down from the upstairs as nothing had happened.
I still think cats are more than a bit otherworldly.
I like to cite this as just another example.

Submitted by Janet B.