Lost in a Graveyard

Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions


JANUARY 4, 2020


Ok so today my mom and I were invited to a wedding. I had no clue where the church was but mom said she knew. Worst mistake of my life! I should have known better than trust her, she gets lost finding my house and I live between her and town. Well I knew the general area and off we went. The directions were crazy, go past the 1st store on the left, go 2 miles and pass an old tractor, 3rd curve then next road take a left. I am not kidding they don’t believe in naming roads around here. So needless to say we got lost big time. We were so far out my cell phone didn’t have any bars so no calling for help, and no houses to stop and ask for directions. We came on an old church and an even older grave yard. There was one area that was separated by a little fence, flowers but no stone of any kind. The grave yard had maybe 100 graves and they were all very old but the area was kept clean so someone had been coming there keeping it up. I had the very distinct feeling we should not be there and needed to leave like right then. My mom never likes me to use my gift and don’t normally want me to even mention it. She looked at me and said baby there is a man standing over there and he looks like he wants to talk.. I looked over where she was pointing and there was no one there. I looked back and said who are you talking about no one is there mom. Just as I said that I heard a voice in my ear of a man, he sounded real old and had a deep southern sound to his voice. I jumped and said mom we need to leave now! She said no baby you need to help him.. I said mom he don’t want help he wants to cause harm, and I do not like the feel of this place. I managed to get her back in the car and was about to drive off when this man decided to show himself to me. He looked to be from the 1800’s and a very mean looking person. He had an ax in his hand and was about to raise that ax when I threw the car in drive and sped away. I got about 4 miles away and stopped and looked at mom she was white as a sheet. I said Mom what did you see? I know you saw him, you have never admitted to me that you are able to see spirits so why all the sudden? She said she has always been able to and never wanted anyone to know, and had shut them out for many years. She said she wished she had not saw what we just did. She said she thought at 1st it was a real person until he made the appearance in front of my car out of nowhere. I have never had that type fear and have been trying to find something all afternoon and most of the night on this church and grave yard and have hit a snag. This location was burned to the ground several years ago, and there has been no mention of it ever being rebuilt. Today I did some searching on this and found an old lady that knew of the old church. It had burned about 8 years ago and was never rebuilt. It was just so far out in the woods that they chose to not rebuild. The grave yard is still used today, and the small grave I found separate from the others was believed to be that of a… child that had been lost and passed away, in the 1800’s. The old man we saw had on a pull-over style very old looking shirt, the pants had suspenders the shoes were nothing like I have ever seen before, and the hat he had on was made of straw.

Submitted by Karen