Dark Creatures at Mouth of Wilson

Dark Forces


JANUARY 30, 2018 and JANUARY 30, 2019

I’ve had 2 considerable events, 1 year apart, at the same location while driving through.

1/30/2018, 3:30pm, nice weather. Mouth of Wilson, VA: where the Big Wilson Creek empties its waters. 4 shadow people located at 2 different settlements that seem to be abandoned. VERY bad feeling of overwhelming anxiety. They were moving around the abandoned houses, outside around the buildings and clearly visible from the road which is very abnormal!

1/30/2019, 4:32pm, good weather. Driving home from my parents house with 1 other in the car. Saw an inky fluid creature moving in the 2nd story of the building that stands here, had a large nail like thing outside the window about 7 inches long but didn’t see what it was attached to. There was a glint of something that would have been a mouth area but I couldn’t tell what it was. No known eyes but I felt like it was looking outside before going past the window. It seemed to float slowly past the window.

Submitted by Selene B.