Chappaquiddick UFO

Classic UFO


OCTOBER 16, 2012

Living in an ocean front rental home on Chappaquiddick Island I observed UFO activity on two or three occasions within a few weeks of time. The view from the house looked north across Nantucket Sound to the southern coast of Cape Cod. I have gazed at this view throughout my life and at the time of these sightings, was very familiar with all normal human activity. I lived alone and would spend countless hours gazing through the bay windows at the beautiful coastal scene. This was not my first year living here. Also, I worked as a commercial fisherman in Nantucket Sound so again, very familiar scenery. On high visibility nights, I could make out the headlights of cars parking on the beaches of Cape Cod across the surface of the water. Having grown up on Cape Cod, I would think back to high school days of parking at those beaches to smoke pot and listen to music with friends. The people in those cars were probably doing the same thing.

Anyways, one night I saw two very unusual lights hovering over Cape Cod that immediately baffled me. I was very familiar with what spot lights on helicopters looked at this distance and it wasn’t even remotely comparable. The two unusual components were their appearance and movement. These balls of light had a ridiculously large diameter considering the distance they appeared to be at (maybe ~10 miles away from me). A light bulb, even a big spotlight, at that distance seems to emit from an immeasurably small diameter to the naked eye. These lights were more like looking at mini moons. Some sort of spheres that emitted light from their entire surface. Also the light had a sort of pink/orange hue. They were big enough light sources that upon the second sighting, I was able to photograph one with a cheap one-piece camera! Any normal human light that I’m familiar with would have been impossible to photograph at such a distance.

Secondly, the motion of these objects was unlike anything I had ever observed in the sky. They would hover at a certain elevation and move along, horizontally, at a seemingly methodical, steady pace, but then in an instance rapidly change elevation at a diagonal ascent or descent with absolutely no perceivable period of acceleration or deceleration. Then move horizontally a while longer at another elevation. When they disappeared it would be during rapid ascent. That’s not how heavy human controlled objects move in the sky cuz ye know, gravity, momentum. Not like any helicopter, jet, plane, drone I have ever witnessed.

Years later I read a New York Times special about the navy’s public release of some of their UFO accounts. It was no surprise but also fascinating to read the accounts of other people who filmed, observed, and described very similar activity in a professional setting that had been officially acknowledged by the Navy.

For the sake of making a case for my credibility, I think its worth mentioning that I am a land surveyor. I’ve made a career out of having a knack for spatial awareness and a good sense of distance, perspective, and scale. That and I have photographic evidence!


Submitted by Quincy D