Tigard Triangle

Straight Up Ghosts, Strange Animals



I have lived in this house for seven years now, and the strangeness began about a month after I moved in.
At least, that’s when I noticed it. I would see something small and black close to the ground out of the corner of my eye, and of course when I would turn my head to look it would be gone. It didn’t feel threatening, so I wasn’t concerned as much as I was curious. I was thinking it may be the spirit of a little cat. Why a cat? Because the two concrete steps out the back door have kitty paw prints, like the cat jumped onto the top step and when it was wet, the cat ran down across the bottom step, leaving a little trail of kitty prints. So, I began to talk in the house when I was alone the same way I talked to the animals who have shared a home with me. I would say things like, “It’s OK littles, don’t run away” when I would see the shadow out of the corner of my eye, wondering if I could convince it to freely show itself or at least not hurry away.
After living here for a few months and continuing to see things and talk to them, I think it finally knew I was safe to be around. Since then, I will feel something land on the bed and then tiny steps. When I move they stop. This still happens, along with seeing the shadow. I did not have any animals living in the house when I moved in. I do have two cats living with me now, and they, like many cats, tend to stare at things in corners or up near the ceiling and will sometimes chase things I don’t see, although it could be a little bug or reflection that they notice and I don’t. A few times I have thought one of them jumped up on the bed when I was sleeping, but when I looked to see where they were, there was no cat in the room. I have also had both of them in bed and asleep with me, and I will feel another set of tiny feet jump up onto the bed. The cats don’t seem to mind, but they do usually reposition themselves after this happens.
That’s my curious cat spirit experience.

Submitted by Audra Lynn