UFO Sighting

Classic UFO



(Original in Portuguese– translation via Google Translate)

At the time of 2012 I lived in a country town and studied at a college in Cuiabá, in the state capital, so on long holidays and vacations I traveled to my city, most often by bus and sometimes with relatives or friends of car.
I was driving back to the capital by the Estrada da Guia (MT-010), when the UFO sighting occurred, inside the car were me, my mother and three other friends, the road a little winding and with gentle hills, but even with this change of view did not interfere with what we saw, for a distance of about 15 km we saw a point of white light next to a cloud near the horizon, but it was clear that it was in front of the cloud, close to us, for the winding road has given us this perspective. This light was steady and flashing and also changing size, time was very small almost disappearing and another time became large, until in a moment this light became so small that it disappeared for a few seconds and soon appeared again, but increased the frequency in that flickered and changed size, until in a moment that light flew at a very fast speed behind the cloud, for it was clear that the light made the outline of the cloud, and so it disappeared for the last time.

* There are several reports of roadside light sightings in the state of Mato Grosso, so much so that my mother has an account of another light sighting that accompanied her on a winding dirt road in the north of the state.

Submitted by Duda