Weird Hijinks at the Guardians

High Weirdness, Mythologies


DECEMBER 7, 2019

I was driving down the national trails highway (route 66) from Beatty, NV where I had slept in a rest stop overnight. I noticed this strange statue in the sand to the side of the highway near Amboy, CA but kept going. Once I saw the second same statue a bit down the road I decided to pull off and take pictures. There were 2 large stone foo dogs (.4 mile apart) facing toward the mountains, desert and caves across the highway. The dirt around the statues was torn up like someone had made a labyrinth like path around the property between the two statues with a truck. I took photos and when I got service a bit down the road (once I got to the only gas station for miles) I posted them online. I started driving toward Joshua Tree, right as I passed the chloride mines I decided to pull off again to find my cigarettes, I checked my twitter and was told I should post my findings on this site. That’s where the story really begins. If you are looking for a fun roadtrip stop, you can stop reading now, you have all you need, google “guardian lions of route 66” (even though they arent lions lol) and go take a visit!
So I circled back to the statues since I was only 10 min or so down the rd and wanted to get photos of the first one I had passed if I was gonna make a post. It’s a long stretch of highway, no one, no towns for miles and miles. I pull off again this time by the first statue and take some pictures, I have my two dogs with me walking, I decide to go down towards the other one as a car pulls up by the first one, shortly after another car pulls up. I hadn’t seen anyone pull off all day and I assumed these people were together based on how quickly the came one after the other. I saw the girl who had came in the second car walk towards the statue to take pics. I didnt see the first person while walking. As I’m coming back towards the car I pop out to check on the car (its unlocked and a good minute walk away) and I see a man get out of MY car. In a panic I shout “HEY” then quickly realize he may have some kind of weapon so I shut up, but to my surprise instead of fighting or running off he began giving a panicked excuse while walking to his car about “checking the car because it was just sitting there” as this unfolds the other girl had started walking back to her car. I was able to stand near her and thankfully since she happend to be another punky 20 something year old girl in the middle of the desert parked at this structure at the same time as me he must have thought we were together or something and felt outnumbered. When I got back to my car… nothing was taken. Remember I said I watched him get out of the car BEFORE I shouted at him, he didnt see me behind the bushes and he already knew that other woman was there since she pulled in right behind him. The car was on (push to start) and my purse AND backpack were in the front seat completely untouched (I had a box balancing on the bag and the purse was still jammed in the same position. The ONLY thing in the ENTIRE car that was out of place was my back seat. He had taken a pillow out of the space between the back seat and the back of the passenger seat and grabbed a book I had hid under there (my dog sometimes gets sick in the back seat and I didnt want her to ruin my book, a $3 pillow can be replaced) it was a book on Pagan nature religions, and placed it on the back seat. Too panicked and scared to even think about this weirdness too hard, I called the police in a panic as he pulled off and I told the girl it was okay if she went since i was gonna call the police. I had no service but i guess you can dial 911 anyway? Or maybe i just got lucky? Well the police never ACTUALLY came. So I guess not. Sat there for almost 2 hours with my dogs in the back terrified that man would come back any minute and hurt me and afraid to drive alone home (theres few routes out from there what if he passed me? Theres no cell reception either!) While sitting there I began gathering some really strange questions and discovered some curious, curious things about this site. I have an interest in weird stuff but I did NOT have an intricate knowledge of any of this stuff beyond Bes & Ba. The statues are located next to amboy Crater. Amboy Crater is a site with a history of “satanic” lore, if you do a google search you will get a creepypasta and several similar “satanic panic” tales. While trying to research the root of the satanic lore the only thing I could find was well…. babalon working. So here’s where it gets weird… Journey to the center of the earth was filmed in Amboy, CA. Jules Verne used the theories of Humphry Davy (the chemist who discovered the nature of Chloride.) Humphry David was pals with no other than Aleister Crowley. What is on the other side of the Guardian statues? Drum roll please….. chloride mine! Theres about 400000000 other weird things on the site ranging from Ba, Bes, asterism, salt symbols, maps, Rose written or drawn. If you have done your homework you know why I’m writing this post and how unbelievably weird this experience was and the potential answers this site or whoever is taking care of it holds

Submitted by Ni