UFO, Prophetic Dreams

Classic UFO, Time Distortions, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


1983 (APPROX.)

One winter night in 1983 or so I was going to bed at about 8pm, my usual bedtime back then. When I got into bed I felt the need to get up and look out the window. I saw a few lights, four or six or so, in a line above the neighbor’s house, moving in a way which would be consistent with a spinning round object seen on edge. The whole system of lights slowly was moving left to right, but then appeared to slowly move toward my window as though aware of me looking at it. I ran downstairs and said “mommy! there’s a flying saucer outside!” She told me it was 10pm and to go back to bed. I have no memory of actually winding down and falling asleep, which usually took a while, nor of getting out of the bed once I saw the object, just running away from the window. So I _could_ have dreamed the whole thing but I had no impression of falling asleep or waking.

A few weeks after the sighting I began to dream the future. Never anything important, but every few weeks, once a month or so, for a couple years I would have a dream about some odd everyday conversation with my family or friends, and it would come true within a few days. Like I said, never anything important: no major news stories, disasters, etc. Always just domestic stuff, but unusual/atypical conversations or events so that the dreams stood out as odd.

For example, dreaming about being in the car with my mom in an unfamiliar neighborhood and discussing what kind of sandwiches would be served at a garden party. Then a few days later someone canceled on an errand for my mom’s church, so she had to drag me with her while she handled the errand … in a neighborhood I never went to, and we talked about the errand, which involved sandwiches for a garden party.

The dreams continued until I was 11 or 12 and made a deep impression on me, pretty much forcing me to go “Well SOMETHING weird is going on”, and leading to my lifelong interest in the occult and paranormal.

If it’s of interest, I was born in September 1973 in Greensburg PA, right when the UFO/Bigfoot wave was happening in that area that year.

I want to emphasize I do not claim “I was abducted by aliens” or anything else. I don’t claim _definitely_ that the sighting _wasn’t_ a dream, or that my dreams were anything but remarkable coincidences, but the level of detail in them and the number of them (at least a dozen or more) make me feel that it’s _more_ plausible that Something Weird was going on rather than to have such a long string of luck. But I don’t claim any knowledge or confidence in _what_ it was all about. 🙂

Submitted by S.K.