Scary Hairless Cryptid



JUNE 2000 (APROX.)

I know the rules say that first person reports are preferred, but this is a strange story that my son encountered while walking through this park one evening. This is what happened in his words:

My friend and I were still feeling a slight buzz when we left his house on a breezy summer evening. Having spent the late afternoon hanging out in my friends parents basement, trolling our friends on facebook and drinking a few cans of beer he had stashed underneath the stairs, we decided to meet some friends at the mall. Neither one of us had any bus money so they decided to walk the 3 miles to get to our destination. Wanting to shave off some time, we decided to cut through a wooded trail situated along a major highway that led into a tree covered park area. On the other side of the long winding forested path, was a large shopping center where the mall was based. If you passed by the trail during the day, you’d rarely see anyone walking or biking along it so it seemed a bit ominous but there was also a large pond inside the forested area that was rumored to have been a decent fishing spot and that made it a bit more approachable to some.
As we made our way over a small bridge and through a dimly lit tunnel, we talked and joked about things that most teens did and we felt relatively safe walking through the semi dark pathway. But about 10 minutes later, we came upon a second bridge that led to the edge of a large semi dark opening in the woods. Even though the area lacked proper lighting, I noticed a shape hunched over something in the distance. This part of the woods was lit only by the soft light of the full moon which helped us navigate our way ahead. I stopped walking first and then my friend came to a halt as well. From where I stood, I thought it was a man possibly tending to his dog during a nightly walk, but the abrupt silence as we neared the end of the overpass, brought on a strange sense of weirdness. Like something inside my head was telling me to not get any closer. A couple of more cautious steps forward and we were able to see that the form hunched over wasn’t really a person at all…IT was bent over what appeared to be a young deer, and was feasting hungrily, making deep groaning sounds …
My friend grabbed me by the elbow and I quickly turned to face him, noticing the shock on his face as he silently worded “WTF is that”?????
I turned my head back around slowly, feeling terror pounding loudly in his chest as I took another look at the gigantic, hairless giant about 30 ft from us. My friend stupidly moved in front of me to get a closer look, almost in awe of what he was seeing and as he approached the end of the bridge, he clumsily stepped into a small pile of rocks, which made a loud, crunching noise that was hugely emphasized by the dead silence of the night. The beast then stood up and turned his head, staring in our direction. In the darkness, I estimated that he had to have been at least 8 feet tall with long muscular arms and seemed hairless. I cant even tell you what color he was, but he was huge! My friend’s eyes widened as he realized the monster was staring right at us. And before I could give the creature a chance to advance, I turned around and began to run as fast as I could. My heart was pounding, as I ran the 2 miles it took to get back to the other side of the trail. In my terror I almost forgot about my friend and finally forced myself to look back to see if he was behind me as I got closer to the entrance of the park. Seconds later I heard the sound of tired, thumping feet emerging from the darkness.
As my friend approached me he demanded “Why did you leave me like that shithead”?? trying hard to work his way back to normal breaths.
I looked at him and said “If you want to go back and find out what that thing was, you go ahead and do that but I’m going home”.

To this day I have never gone back into those woods. That was 10 years ago and I still don’t know what I saw and I also remember having trouble sleeping for days after seeing that strange creature.

Let me say that I have tried to look up stories online about cryptid stories in Delaware and cant find any. We have a lot of strange hauntings and even UFO sightings but not cryptid that I can find. One interesting thing I wanted to add. I’d never heard of Richard Shaver’s or his experiences until about a month ago when I was watching a you tube video about Brenton Sawin’s encounter with a strange being. He referred to Richard Shaver’s lifelong experiences with similar strange beings. If you read Richard Shaver’s stories about Deros and Teros and their underground civilization, you will find that he mentions that there are entrances to the underground cave systems that lead to these civilizations and one can be found in Delaware, as well as other places in the east coast. He never gave up the area where that entrance is, but I find it very interesting! And then I thought about my son’s experience and wondered if somehow they were connected? I don’t know, but it’s a thought.

Submitted by Freetobemeinde