The Big House (2)

Straight Up Ghosts



this is another story from the Big House i lived in as a toddler.

we owned two cats, shadowfax (a large long-haired black tom) and nerd (a female short-haired brindle). nerd had recently had kittens and we had found homes for all of them.

one day soon after i was spinning around making myself dizzy (as a 3 year-old will do). i was in the open space between the living and dining rooms, with a doorway leading to the hall that accessed the bedrooms and bathroom. against the wall, next to the doorway was a china cabinet.

so i was spinning (living, dining, cabinet, door) and spinning (living, dining, cabinet, door) and on one revolution i see a marmalade kitten sitting in front of the china cabinet. not nerd, or shadowfax or any of the kittens we had already found homes for.

i revolve around and come to a stop facing the cabinet and there is no kitten. i called for my mom and we searched the house. no kitten.

Submitted by Christopher B, Liminal Ambassador