Terror Creature



JULY, 1977

July of 1977 while on a camping excursion with one friend encountered a beast that was not see but heard that ran toward us in the dark. It was big enough to tear the limbs off trees coming down and coming up from a 250 foot deep gully. Could not see creature but it came within 50 feet of us but never stepped out from tree line. On a moonless night. The deep growly scream reminiscent of a Bobcat was terrifying. Thing is Bobcats don’t sound like adult bulls running through the trees at a fast pace hearing the crashing of smaller trees and branches being knocked of when beast was coming toward us. The sound of this creature is forever etched in memory. One could tell that a pack of hounds was chasing it but did not catch up to it. It never revealed itself and we were so terrified we never stepped out of our small cabin until daybreak. We then walked area where creature had came from toward us and found the broken branches and limbs but no other evidence. It was a scary time. Later in years on same property more sightings of various things.

Submitted by Jonathan H