Strange White Animals

Strange Animals


2004 – 2009

For about 5 years (about 2004-2009ish) my brother and myself witnessed a high number of white/albino animals in our town. We saw at least one white animal a day (we didnt own any of them) either outside our house, on our way to school or sometimes at school. The most memorable ones were an owl sitting on our neighbors deck that turned its head and watched us as my brother and I left our house and a separate time when a white bird was flying with a flock of other birds, seemingly following us to school, when we got to class the white bird flew to the window and hovered outside it for a minute and then left.

We don’t have any local legends about any white animals in our county or anything like that. Not sure if this was a guardian angel kind of thing or if it was a fluke of nature or a chemical spill that caused so many white animals to appear

Submitted by “WaTChforTheWHitEBIrD”