AFB Hauntings

Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions


FALL 1997

As a child, we were a military family and eventually were stationed at Shaw AFB, in Sumter, South Carolina. We lived in the townhouses for enlisted personal and our exact house had a park directly behind the house, along with a small class six store. Pretty quickly after moving into the house, we started having weird experiences. One day my sister, me, and a friend of ours were walking down to the park from our backyard. I had a feeling as though I was being watched from the house, yet we were home alone. I turned around and in my bedroom upstairs stood two girls in my room, looking out the window staring right at us. I got my sister’s attention and she turned to see them as well. The girls were in period dress from probably the 1800s, curls in their hair. We for some reason decided to run back inside the house to see this sight in person and only found an empty room. But my curtains were now all closed when they were open beforehand.

Later that year, I was looking outside my window to see who was at the park, as I looked into the empty field near the park, suddenly from thin air a man on a horse appeared. He was in civil war dress style, the bottom of the horse was not visible. They rode across the field for probably just a few seconds before they disappeared again into the air. This occurrence seemed as though it was a time warp or disturbance.

The townhome we lived in seemed like it almost had constant activity. There was a cold spot under the attack entrance at all times, so much so that our dog would squeeze herself against the wall to walk around it. There were times that the dog ran out of the house full speed, and within a minute all the window shades would start pulling up and down.

Sometimes at night, you could hear a woman crying in my sisters’ room. Once I woke up to what sounded like screams and shrieks in the hallway at night and people trying to get out of the house. No one else in the house seemed to be awakened by this event. I always think if anyone else has run into these spirits over the years.

Submitted by Alisha L, Liminal Ambassador