Bulldog Bridge

Dark Forces, Mythologies



This bridge spans a creek running through the middle of some fields in rural Indiana, between Princeton and Wheeling. It’s on an agricultural access road, so there isn’t much of any traffic through there. The bridge was a steel trussed bridge for many years and was the site of several suicides, where the victims would hang themselves from the trusses. The earliest date of death by suicide at this location is unknown. Some say that the earliest was a man in 1889, but records could not verify there was a bridge at this location during that time. One man was also found in his card and not hanging from the trusses. Due to the isolation of the area, it was a few days before he was discovered.

The issue of suicide at this bridge became so pervasive, that the county had the bridge torn down and rebuilt without trusses in 2010 to try and prevent any more tragic deaths of this nature. The bridge is now covered in graffiti, no doubt from young people trying to live up to the dares that are so popular in the age group. Most are names, swear words, drawings of phalluses, but the name Dagon is one incidence that stand out.

The bridge got its name from the sounds of growling that has been heard coming from the surrounding fields. Visitors to the bridge have claimed to feel cold spots and the ability to see their breath in the middle of the summer.

Submitted by Holly Smith, Liminal Cartographer