The Brewery of Ill Will

Dark Forces


2015, 2016, 2017

This popular Fish Tale Ale seems to occupy an intersection of conflict, and is an Attractor of bad vibes.
The Port train tracks pass directly in front of the building, where fracking materials (bound for sites like Standing Rock) have been transported, and have been the site of activist blockades and police riots at various points along the street, to the vocal chagrin of the Fish Tale owners.
Since at least 2015 the Brewery itself has catered to various fascist and neo-nazi groups, before or after rallies.
It was the site of possibly the first significant clash between neo-nazis and antifascists of the current era (June 2015, pre-trump), when skinheads began rallying in response to BlackLivesMatter actions in the city (after O.P.D. shot two unarmed black skateboarders that same week).
In later years it has welcomed Joey Gibson/Patriot Prayer, who are better known for spreading bloodshed in Portland since 2017 (and at least three murders in their wake).
Whether just an unfortunate business placement, or something else, this location has undoubtedly been a Harbinger of ill winds.

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