Mystery Cryptid

Cryptoids, High Weirdness


DECEMBER 26, 2016

The last few days of deer hunting season are called the Xmas hunt. It had been raining almost nonstop for about 3 days when the season opened back up. I had tried to make it to my deer stand right behind my house but due to the flood water I couldn’t reach my stand, not to be deterred i found a way around following a hill and crossed over onto my neighbors land. By this time it was getting daylight as i sat up on a knoll and watched the field below that was completely flooded. The water that was coming into the field was coming and running from west to east. I sat on the protected knoll and watched as ducks and geese landed in the open field at the west end then floated down to the east end of the field then would fly back to where they landed originally and began the whole process again. I would scan west,right to east,left over and over watching and looking for deer that maybe milling about along the edges of the field. On one of my scans I get to about the middle of the field and I notice in the tree line directly across form me something i had not noticed before. I large object that I tried to think if i had seen it in one of my previous scans. It was large and either hairy or leafy. I immediately got the heebie jeebies but continued to sit ever so still. I had scanned this field for approximately 2 hours and this bush or whatever it was hadn’t been there. It was about 300 yards directly across from me and i couldn’t shake this feeling that something wasn’t right. I gathered my things and decided to head back to the house but rather than walk through the woods i decided to walk through my neighbors field to the main road so that if anything did happen maybe someone would see as they drove by. On the way in I had been able to cross a swag that had minimal water but ow as soon as i entered it it was almost over my boots. I decided to go back up on the knoll and take another path that was a little longer but gave me access to the field i wanted to be walking in. When i topped the knoll i decided to look back at the area that the “form” had been standing at,….and it was no longer there. In my mind i had come up with a million thoughts as to what it was like a tree that hadn’t lost any of its leaves or a hunter in a reddish brown gillie suit, even though I knew the water was too deep for anyone to have gotten to that area. I scanned to see if it was anywhere else and quickly increased my pace to and through the field to the road. I have had several experiences in this same area in many different forms and even though i clicked on the cryptid section with all that I have seen and heard in this area it fits best into high strangeness.

Submitted by Tracy B