Maison Pierre Lafitte hotel

Straight Up Ghosts


JUNE 2017

We stayed at the Maison Pierre Lafitte on our first ever trip to New Orleans in June 2017! It’s a great place to stay it is a timeshare and a hotel so you don’t have constant interactions with other guest like in a normal hotel lobby! We stayed in a loft with an upstairs and downstairs bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and two restrooms. Next door to our room a mom and her kids were staying and right below us was The Roosevelt Bar swinging with jazz every night. New Orleans is like no other place in the world. While we were there let me say we encountered all kind of stuff… but several cyclones came through on our stay and it scared the lady next door so she left. Even after she left we heard noises all the time and anytime you walked down the hall you felt like you were being watched. We asked the front desk about it and they asked which room we were in and they told us a girl ghost lives in the one next door. She mostly likes to move stuff around and hide things. Well the whole trip I lost my credit card, my purse, the key to our room, etc. My sister lost all kind of stuff and lights would be on that we know we turned off… it wasn’t scary… more spooky fun! Highly suggest staying there it’s close to all the fun of the french quarter and bourbon st!

Submitted by Dorean