Meon Hill

Thin Places



Meon Hill is the site of the last acknowledged “Witchcraft murder” in the UK. Charles Walton was found murdered on Valentines Night 1945, his chest pierced with an iron hoe pinning him to the ground , a standard method of “pinning witches” in times gone by. During the ensuing investigation a “celebrity officer” from Scotland Yard called “Fabian” was brought in on the case. He had no luck himself and after h he enquired of locals as to “The owner of the large black dog he had seen in the lanes around Meon Hill” the locals refused to speak to him any more. Since then, there have been other “Black Shuck” sightings and in 1976, a plain perfectly round crop circle was discovered near the base of the hill. Given its’ position and how it guards the ancient “Fosse Way”, it is surprising that, no castle or manor house has ever been built on the hill and it has remained unoccupied since, pretty much, the iron age. There is an old manor in the vicinity however, it sits away from Meon Hill itself.

Submitted by SteveDoG